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By the Light of the Moon
Pen & Ink Drawings by
July 17 - September 22, 2017

Artist's Reception
Friday, July 28, 2017

This site is dedicated to the memory of Jane Chancellor Moore.
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Broadstone Books is honored to announce that
our author
Frederick Smock has been named
Kentucky State Poet Laureate for 2017/18.
Congratulations, Frederick! His new "lit-crit
On Poetry is featured below.

Please visit the Broadstone Books table at the
2017 "Gathering of Authors" on August 19 at
the Women's Club of Frankfort, 200
Washington Street. Many of our Kentucky
authors will be at the Gathering to sign books,
and we'll have all of our latest titles and full
backlist for sale.

We are pleased to announce a number of
Broadstone authors have been chosen for the
2017 Kentucky Book Fair in Lexington this
November, including
Frederick Smock (On
), Steven Cope (Wa-hita), Ross R.
(Third Monday in May), and
Broadstone publisher
Larry W. Moore (The
River Rememers
) experiencing life from the
author's side of the table for the first time!

Christopher Keaveney's debut poetry
Your Eureka Not Mined was
recently recommended by Small Press
Distribution.  Congrats, Chris!

Broadstone Books author
Robert Eastwood
and his poetry collection
Snare (see below)
are featured in an interview on the Open
Alphabet website (
Click here to read it), and
also profiled in this
article from the East Bay

Check out this wonderful
review of William
's Two Men Rowing Madly Toward
from the Lambda Literary Review!
ruina montium
A poetry chapbook by
Jeremy Paden

"Both tender and clear-eyed, these poems are strong
enough to lift each one of us from the darkness."
                 Ada Limón

The plight of "Los 33," the Chilean miners rescued after
sixty-nine days underground in the 2010 disaster, is
rendered here in exquisite verse that both pays tribute to
the individual miners and offers a meditation on our
relationship with our fragile world.
After the Storm
Poetry by
Thomas Zemsky

"The pleasures these poems yield linger long."
             Frederick Smock
A lifetime of observation and writing poetry served up
in language that is delightfully quirky and often
subversively wry.
Iris In
Poetry by
Kryssa Schemmerling

"Iris In is an exciting book, multi-layered and savvy. It
deserves a large and enthusiastic audience."
                        Colette Inez
Images from classic films mingle mix with impressions
of the author's California childhood in this impressive
debut collection.
Poems by
Robert Eastwood

"This book is a descriptive tour-de-force."
              Jeanne Wagner
Combining historical past with personal past and
bridging Civil War to Cold War into the present in a
heady mix of imagery and memory.
In Between the Charges
for Ethel Rosenberg
A poetry chapbook by
Myles Gordon

"Myles Gordon is one of the outstanding poets of his
Kathleen Spivack
This sonnet sequence imagines the memories and
thoughts of Ethel Rosenberg at the moment of her
execution.  A timely plea for all people of conscience
in a binary world of "with us or against us."
The River Remembers
A Verse Cycle of Frankfort, Kentucky by
Larry W. Moore

The Kentucky River is the keeper of community memory
in this imaginative narrative of the history and lore of
Kentucky's capital city.
As Rain Turns to Snow
and Other Stories
Robert Morgan

"Robert Morgan’s lyric mountain language is equal to
the epic sweep of history, to the grandeur of the land
                             —Lee Smith

A new collection of short stories by one of the masters
of Appalachian literature.
Your Eureka Not Mined  
Poems by
Christopher T. Keaveney

"What makes a poet memorable to me is the ability to
make me sit up and feel a
wow moment, an idea, a
poetic line or a usage of words that says to me this poet
is unique. Christopher Keaveney is that kind of poet."
                                     — Zvi A. Sesling
A Mexican-American Memoir by
Ed O'Casey

"Ed O'Casey’s Proximidad is a gorgeous, harrowing
memoir of identity and place....
O'Casey shows us
how fragile and dread-edged even the fiercest of
our loves can be.
This is a wondrous first book."  
                                        — Alex Lemon

A hybrid of verse and memoir and journalism by an
author whose life and words bridge two worlds, this is
essential poetry of documentary witness of the horrific
effects of America's drug wars and trade pacts.
Just Act Like Everything
Is Perfectly Normal
Random Memories of a Military Dependent
A Poetry Chapbook by
Sheila Bucy Potter

Recalling the author's childhood as an "Air Force
brat" in the midst of the Cold War, these "random
memories" range from humorous to poignant,
reminding the reader that the families of those in
uniform also serve.
Third Monday in May
A Novel Concerning the Remarkable Events of
the First Kentucky Derby

Ross R. Moore

Part alternative historical fiction, part suspense
thriller, and entirely engaging and entertaining, in
this debut novel Abraham Lincoln survives to attend
the first Kentucky Derby.  What awaits him there?
Poetry by
Steven R. Cope

"Steve Cope is a prophet for our time; we need to
hear his integrity of seeing and thinking, and his
compassionate respect for our planet and life."
Harry Brown
On Poetry
Palm-of-the-Hand Essays
Frederick Smock

These brief and eloquent essays from Kentucky's
current State Poet Laureate make a compelling case
for why poetry matters.
Instructions for Staging
Poetry by
Kristina Marie Darling &
Carol Guess

"Weaving the jargon of real estate with the language
of divorce, Kristina Marie
Darling and Carol Guess
create a book that is equal parts black humor and
human insight
....  Instructions for Staging shows us
the dynamism of their collaboration:  inventive and
bittersweet, resulting in a darkly playful read.
                                            —Robin F. Brox

The real estate practice of "home staging" becomes
a metaphor for the illusions, and dissolution, of
marriage, and more broadly, of modern life in