Poetry by

Through the words of the imaginary (but very authentic) Sister
Jessie, the lives of the Shakers of the Pleasant Hill community
in 19th century Kentucky are revealed in rich detail, humorous
and poignant, spiritual and oh so human.  Based on extensive
historical research and chronicling the real people and events that
shaped this community, this book is especially noteworthy for its
focus on the largely undocumented lives of black Shakers. But
most of all, it is great narrative poetry, the perfect medium for
these voices to speak across the years to modern listeners.

Praise for Vickie Cimprich and
Pretty Mother's Home

“With Pretty Mother’s Home:  A Shakeress Daybook,
Cimprich contributes to the poetry of Kentucky places….  
Much  imaginative writing about Shakers tells us more about its
writers than about Shakers; Cimprich in her use of historical
resources at Pleasant Hill has amplified voices of the Believers
themselves.  I am long familiar with the names and events in her
poems.  For me now they have life.”  

         Larrie Curry, Vice President and Curator,
                 Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

“Vickie Cimprich’s poems about the Shakers of Kentucky
speak in the voices of this unique community with wit, concision,
and a thrilling attentiveness to the details that bring them to life.  
This is the way, with ease and grace, history becomes
 Pretty Mother’s Home is irresistible.”  

         Rosellen Brown, author of Cora Fry
Vickie Cimprich lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband
John, a college professor and author. Her poetry has appeared in
Poetry as Prayer - Appalachian Women Speak (Wind Publications,
The Journal of Kentucky Studies, and Cincinnati Poetry
. She performs with the Western Shaker Singers.
Published September 2007
79 pages
Paperback, $16.50
ISBN:  978-0972114486