Publication Date:  June 1, 2020
11" x 7.5", 60 pages

ISBN:  978-1-937968-64-9

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Transforming himself from backwater
miscreant to closet human,
resumed painting after a brief
career as a photographer. Among his
grants and scholarships are the Pollock-
Krasner Foundation, the Adolph and
Esther Gottlieb Foundation, the Artists
Fellowship, the Vermont Studio Center,
the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill and Kent State University.
He was a finalist for a National
Endowment for the Arts grant in
painting. He has worked with galleries
and art dealers in New York, Atlanta,
Santa Monica, Philadelphia, Charlotte,
Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Chapel
Hill. He taught at the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kentucky
State University and the Waterworks
Visual Arts Center. He saws and splits
    Chapel Hill artist Mark Brown, a much celebrated, widely collected, very
    private painter, lives deep in the woods… In the studio behind his house,
    he paints large, meditative, deeply saturated abstract works, many on
    distinct lozenge-shaped canvases and panels of birch… Curators and critics
    have compared his work to Mark Rothko and Frank Stella… Brown’s work
    reflects a distinct interiority, and aims to inspire a similar
    contemplativeness in its viewer.

              —Liza Roberts, Art of the State, University of North Carolina Press

The paintings reproduced in Mark Brown’s new monograph Unspoken
broaden the artist’s longstanding commitment to abstraction,
expanding the genre by combining informed examinations of the legacy of
Abstract Expressionism with the reductive qualities of Minimalism.  
Referencing such diverse influences as late Roman wall frescoes, Tantric
painting and mid-twentieth century non-objective art, these new works
signal a unique and potent development in contemporary abstract painting.

60 pages with full color reproductions. Includes the original essay
"Beginnings" by artist and critic Hearne Pardee.

Praise for the
paintings of
Mark Brown

“Working freehand, Brown brings a sense of touch to the formal precision of
geometric abstraction. As an alternative to modernism’s relentless logic, he
proposes a slow, meditative practice of gestural improvisation that resists

—Hearne Pardee, painter, professor and critic,
Unspoken Epiphanies
 monograph essay

“Mark Brown steals the show with his subtly compelling abstract paintings…
His labored, obsessively reworked canvases with thick impastos and dripping
paint eloquently express the act of painting. This emphasis on seductive,
tactile surfaces results in dense, concentrated and powerful works…
beautifully painted surfaces…held together by tightly composed geometric

—Linda Johnson Dougherty, Chief Curator, North Carolina Museum of Art

“A contemporary answer to such pillars of 20th century painting as Mark
Rothko and Frank Stella, Mark Brown’s paintings defy the easy application
of outside narratives. His paint application and mark-making brings viewers
continually back to the present moment.”

  —Shana Dumont Garr, Curator, Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA

“…serious and disciplined, Mark Brown’s sober, architectural blocks of
astutely adjusted color pulsate…”

  —Katy Kline, Director, Bowdoin Museum of Art
An artbook by
with introductory essay
Hearne Pardee

Photography by Mark Brown,
Cathy Kiffney & Peter Geoffrion
Inscribed copy of book by
distinguished poet Franz
Wright expressing admiration
for Mark Brown.
Book & cover design by Maxine Mills
dead trees for firewood to heat his passive solar home, practicing Zen
meditation and the martial art Kajukenbo daily. He lives and works outside
Chapel Hill, NC with his wife, artist Cathy Kiffney.