Publication Date:  January 1, 2017
Paperback, 80 pages
ISBN:  978-1-937968-32-8
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Larry W. Moore is a sixth generation Kentuckian
and fourth generation native of Franfort, where this
cycle is set.  He received an A.B. degree in
humanities and psychology from Transylvania
University in Lexington, spent a year abroad
studying the life and work of Hermann Hesse under
a grant from the German Academic Exchange
Service, and did graduate work in the history of
science and medicine at the University of
Kentucky.  Retired from a career in Kentucky state
government where he served in a variety of
managerial, training, and advisory positions, he is
the co-founder and managing member of
Broadstone Media LLC, a cultural promotion
company. In this capacity he serves as publisher of
Broadstone Books, and as curator of the Jane
Chancellor Moore Gallery. He is a published poet,
photographer, book reviewer, literary critic, and
For more than 200 years, the small city (and state capital) of Frankfort, Kentucky has
nestled in a valley formed by the Kentucky River. In this verse cycle Frankfort native
Larry W. Moore has imagined the river as the keeper of the community memory, the
repository of local history and lore that it shares in these pages. Adopting the personas
of a memorable cast of Frankfort characters, he brings to life

a former slave recalling the building of his church;
painter Paul Sawyier encountering vagabond poet Vachel Lindsay;
William Jennings Bryan, his mind wandering as he addresses a local assembly;
the deathbed reminiscences of riverboat captain John W. Cannon;
Governor Thomas Bramlett after the defense of his capital in the Civil War;
disgraced former Kentucky Treasurer "Honest Dick" Tate in exile;
a prostitute in Crawfish Bottom;
a sleepwalking Eleanor Lindsay keeping company with her ghosts;

and others, including the voice of the river itself.

While these poems have a definite locality and cast of characters specific to Frankfort
history (and a bit of imagination), they transcend the limits of place to stand as
compelling narrative and lyrical poetry. Dip into these verses and be drawn into the
timeless flow of the river as it...remembers.
The River
A Verse Cycle of
Frankfort, Kentucky by

Larry W. Moore
Cover and Book Design by Larry W. Moore