Jonathan Greene is the author of
the many books featured on this page, but as
our mentor in publishing and the designer of
most of our titles he also has been a major
creative contributor to all that we do.  

We are proud to present his works here.
Photo by Dobree Adams

Collecting Greene's poetry written between Fault
and Distillations and Siphonings, this
verse indeed surveys the matters closest to his
heart, including both the personal and,
increasingly, the social and political.  In language
spare but never sparse, he opens our hearts along
with his own.

"Greene's poems are flawless."  Ron Silliman

"There is a lyric delight in the world that informs
all of Greene's poetry, from man's pratfalls to the
occasions of moment.  There is a human face
staring at us from these pages - yours, mine - one
that has Greene chuckling or rapt, our heads
nodding alongside or shaking with the sweet
peccadilloes our nature permits"  J. W. Bonner

Published 2008
ISBN 978-0-9802117-0-2
Paperback, 144 pages

"A wonderful gift."
- Brother Patrick Hart, General Editor,
The Journals of
Thomas Merton

"...a delightful, beautifully produced little volume detailing the
involvement of the poet and publisher Jonathan Greene with
Thomas Merton and his participation with the publication of
Monks Pond.  It is a book of interest to Merton aficionados, to
followers of new movements and trends in poetry, creative
writing, and printing, and to many others."
- Paul M. Pearson, Merton Center, Bellarmine University

Published 2004
ISBN 0-9721144-2-4
Clothbound, 64 pages

"The most important poems any of us ever encounter
are those that show fresh ways of looking at the
world.  This book is rich with poems like that."
- Ted Kooser, United States Poet Laureate

"Jonathan Greene's poems find the hidden seams and
fractures in our experience, in our memory.  With
exact words and precise cadence he not only locates
fault lines that separate, but the bonds that bring us
Fault Lines shows both the scale and range
of Greene's achievements."
- Robert Morgan

Jonathan Greene once more displays that lapidary
grace that readers have admired and critics praised
repeatedly over the past five decades.  The title
invokes those flaws concealed within the solidity of
everyday objects, waiting patient years to shatter at an
unsuspecting touch, former use abandoned to the
fragmentary evidence of how they were made and
how they ended.  Just so the poems here offer
unexpected insights into the various shards of life that
engage Greene’s notice:  a friend’s father’s shirt, his
parent’s bed as a child, walking sticks, his woodstove,
the heartbeat of a phonograph needle, a cricket who
one-ups him in storytelling.  These are poems infused
with poignancy and loss, guilt and anguish, irony and
the occasional caustic commentary, but also love and
delight in life, and always great good wit and deep

Published 2004
ISBN 0-9721144-1-6
Paperback, 58 pages
Jonathan Greene is the author of over 40 books
and more than 250 poems that have appeared in over 80
magazines and anthologies.  He was born in New York City
in 1943, and lived in San Francisco twice in the 1960s.  He
graduated from Bard College in 1965, where he studied
American Literature with Ralph Ellison.  He has also studied
poetry with Robert Lowell and folklore with Alan Dundes.

Since 1965 Greene has edited and published over 50 books
under the Gnomon Press imprint, including works by Robert
Duncan, Wendell Berry, Jonathan Williams, James Still and
others.  He now does free-lance book design (including  
Broadstone's titles) and has won a number of awards in the

Greene moved to Kentucky in 1966, where he lives on a
farm outside of Frankfort with his wife, Dobree Adams, a
noted weaver and photographer.
A Commonplace Book

For 500 years teachers and scholars have commended
the practice of recording “commonplaces” – that is,
striking and noteworthy phrases encountered while
reading – for later reference.  Few in recent times
have taken this advice with such good effect as
Jonathan Greene.  A poet, publisher, book designer
and translator, Greene is foremost a reader of vast
range and expansive curiosity, and the fruits of over
forty years of reading with pen in hand are collected
here for the delight and enlightenment of his fellow
readers.   Ancient Chinese sages mingle with modern
jazz masters, Yogi Berra meets Einstein, and the
wisdom (and wit) of great minds known and unknown
is on parade.  In the end, this collection of such
seemingly disparate thinkers and themes coalesces
into an original work in its own right, an intellectual
and artistic portrait of Greene himself, offering new
and deeper insights into the mind and heart behind his
many volumes of poetry.

Published 2006
ISBN 0-9721144-5-9
Paperback, 96 pages
Photo by Dobree Adams

This collection of Greene's poetry is his 30th title in a
writing career now spanning five decades!

Includes the poems "At the Mall," "City Scene in Snow"
and "Summer Trips" featured on
The Writer's Almanac
with Garrison Keillor.

"Jonathan is at the peak of his art in
Distillations and
.  His poems have never been more alert, more
spare, more startling in unexpected connections and quirky
observations.  In many poems he is witness to the
infinitesimal, the most fleeting event or thought.  Often
poems turn on subtle or sly wit.  While we can read them
separately as epigrams, they accumulate like carefully
wrought marginalia on the book of life, troubled by the
woes and cruelties of our time, warmed by affection and
cherished friendships.  The poems delight us as the
meditations of an examined life, patient, wise, gifted,
artful."—Robert Morgan (from Foreword)

Published 2010
ISBN 978-0-9802117-3-3
Paperback, 128 pages

Addendum & Postlude for
A Commonplace Book

As Robert Richardson Jr. said of Thoreau, quoting what
Augustine is reported to have remarked of Varro (one
of the many delightful discoveries awaiting in this new
volume), we can truly say of Jonathan Greene “that he
read so much that it was a marvel he ever had time to
write anything, and wrote so much that it was difficult
to see how he found time to read” – except with Greene
we must add his prolific output as a designer and
publisher of books as well!  We can all be grateful once
more for Greene’s broad and perceptive reading, for
this companion volume to his
Gists, Orts, Shards:  A
Commonplace Book
offers another installment of
essential thought and marvelous wit distilled from the
world’s literature, joined here with excepts from
Greene’s own literary notebooks.  Readers of the
original volume know the treat they have in store, while
those discovering Greene’s gift for “reading with a pen”
for the first time are apt to find that they see literature,
and life, in a new way after this introduction.

Published 2011
ISBN 978-0-9802117-7-1
Paperback, 64 Pages
This is a book that might well begin, "Once upon a time...and a place."  The time, 1967 and 1968, a period of
that cultural upheaval.  Yet it was then and there that Jonathan Greene, a young poet and fledgling publisher
from New York City by way of California, met Thomas Merton.  The result was the tragically brief
friendship and literary collaboration that is celebrated in this volume.

Greene's introductory memoir sets the scene, describing the unexpectedly rich intellectual and artistic milieu
out in the "hinterland" of Kentucky where he was introduced to Merton through mutual friends.  Two brief
essays on Merton provide further context for the letters that follow, and demonstrate both the breadth of
Merton's literary interests and the depth of Greene's knowledge of his friend's writings.  Their letters, all too
few, coincided with the limited run of Merton's literary journal, Monks Pond, and his exchange with Greene
reveals two deeply erudite and abundantly witty minds at work with the earnest joy of language.  The
longing of the reader that this collaboration might have lasted many more years is underscored by the
poignancy of Greene's elegiac poem that closes the volume.

New poetry by
Cover Photography by
Dobree Adams

All at Once

Sun eats away
mist from the river --
the trees march forward.

Containing Greene's latest verse, full of wise and
wonderful observations, this limited edition, hand-
sewn chapbook is printed by the author and artist
and signed by both.

Publication Date:  June, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-937968-01-4
Limited Edition Chapbook, 32 pages
Edition of 65
New & Selected Later Poems

In celebration of the poet turning 70, this volume
gathers verse from the preceding ten years of his
writing and includes poems never before published
or previously appearing only in very limited editions.

"...what only the best art can give us, our very
existence altered, enriched."    Ron Rash

"Jonathan Greene is the real thing."  Julia Alvarez

"These finely distilled poems show us the way with-
out getting in the way - worth holding on to for a
long, long, time."  John Brandi

Publication Date:  August 16, 2013
ISBN:  978-1-937968-09-0
Paperback, 208 pages
A poem from Seeking Light was featured in emeritus US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser's syndicated
feature "American Life in Poetry."  
Click here  to read Column 489 with Greene's poem "One Light
to Another."
Everyday Epiphanies

"In this utterly unique and charming memoir...the hidden
corners of life are revealed in brief stories, glimpses and
recollections written in seemingly casual prose. But don’t
confuse accessibility for a dearth of art. There is deep
kindness and much wisdom in these tales rife with
uncanny coincidences and connections, as if we are all a
part of Jonathan’s world, and he is a part of ours."
                                           Fred Waitzkin

At one point in
Anecdotage author Jonathan Greene
confesses “I am always attracted to reading about the
lives of eccentrics and interesting characters.”  That is a
perfect enticement to the charm of reading this book, in
which Greene himself is the most interesting among the
host of characters who appear in the “memories and
stories of a lifetime” he has assembled here.  The
epiphanies in the subtitle refer to the curious coincidences
– one might say synchronicities – that form the often
unexpected connective tissue in our relationships, the not-
so-many “degrees of separation” that weave us into
communities, visible and invisible.  Readers who know
Greene as a poet will delight in learning about his
background and education (formal and otherwise), along
with accounts from his wide acquaintance with other
authors and artists; while those who have enjoyed his
commonplace books will recognize his eye for the wry or
obscure exquisite detail applied here to life rather than

Publication Date:  September 15, 2015
Paperback,  216 pages
ISBN 978-1-937968-19-9
Broadstone Books congratulates Jonathan Greene on the release of composer Paul
Lansky's new album
Contemplating Weather, the title piece of which uses several of
Jonathan's poems as the text for this contemporary chorale work.
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Bridge Records to learn more about or to purchase the album.
The Broadstone Anthology
of Short Poems

Edited by
Jonathan Greene
& Robert West

Publication Date:  October 22, 2013
Paperback,  192 pages
ISBN:  978-1-937968-08-3

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