“Hi do, Mister Rabbit!”

Mister Rabbit, Indian Ponies, a kindly carpenter named
Uncle Jones, a mysterious elevator operator, a wise
grandmother and a host of others serve as guides for
Johnny and his special friend Olivia as they grow up in the
central Kentucky countryside over the course of these
seven connected stories. Tinged with the nostalgia of
coming of age in the middle of America in the middle of
the last century, these stories also convey a timeless saga
of becoming oneself and negotiating life in the balance
between the material and the spiritual, with love—always
love—as the truest guide and goal.
Publication Date:  October 16, 2014
Paperback,  160 pages
ISBN:  978-1-937968-13-7
John Hay is the author of
several children’s books, including
Rover and Coo Coo for which he
received the Friends of American
Writers Juvenile Fiction Award.  
His short stories have appeared in
Sewanee Review and other
journals as well as
The Kentucky
Anthology: 200 Years of Writing
in the Bluegrass State
.  He lives
on the farm where he grew up
outside of Frankfort, Kentucky.
Love That Moves
The Sun

Stories by
John Hay
Cover painting by Mary Belle Taylor Hay
Photography by Rhett L. Beck
The stories collected here have appeared over many years in a variety of journals,
and for that reasons alone both new readers and longtime fans of Hay's writing will
take pleasure in their appearance here. But this is no mere compilation. In revisiting
these tales Hay has fashioned them into a single narrative that traces his protagonists
from young childhood to the cusp of embarking on their adult lives.  Combining
elements of the classic
Bildungsroman ("novel of education") with lyrical passages
celebrating the beauty of nature - nowhere more beautiful than in the author's native
Bluegrass - and a child's first encounters with the mysteries of life, and love, these
are stories that will delight and inspire.