Jonathan Greene is the author of 30
books and more than 250 poems that

have appeared in over 80 magazines and
anthologies in a career spanning six

He was born in New York City
in 1943, and lived in San Francisco twice
in the 1960s.  He graduated from Bard
College in 1965, where he studied
American Literature with Ralph Ellison.  
He has also studied poetry with Robert
Lowell and folklore with Alan Dundes.

Since 1965 Greene has edited and
published over 50 books under the
Gnomon Press imprint, including works
by Robert Duncan, Wendell Berry,

Jonathan Williams, James Still and others.  
he continues his work as an
award-winning book designer and

Greene moved to Kentucky in 1966,
where he still lives on a farm outside of
Frankfort with his wife, Dobree Adams.
From the Preface:

"From our separate worlds, our life together on a Kentucky River farm north of
our travels and common interests, we have forged a multi-faceted
collaboration of vision
 and voice:  Dobree’s tapestries and photographs with
Jonathan’s poetry.

"Many of the tapestries in this collection were inspired by travels in Japan and by
design aesthetics which are an inherent part of Japanese culture as well as guiding
principles for the traditions of Japanese art and craft.  Ensō or ‘Zen circle’ is the

most prevalent calligraphic image of Zen art, and is the origin of the title, full circle.  

"Dobree's photographs relate to her tapestries in subtle and mysterious ways. The
impressionistic influences of color and light correlate to many attributes recognized

in her woven work.  
A Collaboration of Vision & Voice
Dobree Adams / Jonathan Greene

ISBN 978-0-9802117-4-0
Paperback, 40 Pages
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This catalogue documents the exhibition of the same title at The Headley-Whitney
Museum, Lexington, Kentucky from January 22 to March 27, 2011.
By experiencing
the vision of Dobree Adams' weavings and photography and the voice of Jonathan
Greene's verse, joined in these pages as the two of them are joined in life, we are
witness to a dynamic dialogue between two great talents who are deeply committed

to their art, their world and, foremost, each other.
Dobree Adams, recognized as one
of Kentucky’s major contemporary
artists, weaves one-of-a-kind
rugs and
tapestries. She spins and
dyes the wool
from a rare breed of
sheep, the Lincoln
Longwool, and
uses handspun yarns in
the many
natural colors of the sheep, as
as dyed yarns that are painted by
hand in the skein.

Through the years she has taken
hundreds of photographs, primarily
as 35mm color slides, to record the
images she has gathered at home on
the farm and in her travels, but it
was not until 2003 that she first
exhibited her photographic work.
Now committed to working both in
fiber and photography, she is one of
the founders of the Kentucky
Women Photographers Network.  

Her weavings have appeared in
exhibitions in New York and Japan,
and are in public and private
collections in Japan, England,
France, Guatemala, Puerto Rico,

and the United States.  Her
photography has appeared in juried
shows and throughout the region.
"This is multi-layered work of a contemporary artist responding to the influences of design
principles of another culture yet being true to her own established techniques of working with
her materials.
"Our collaboration began
after a trip to Japan
in 1998 with the
publication (in Japan) of
Incidents of
Travels in
photograph of
Jonathan with a statue of
the poet Bashō.  

"Full Circle is a selection
of work from our 2011
exhibition at the Headley-
Whitney Museum, our

third museum show
exploring our