Rhett L.
The Dragon
Surfer, Dog Beach
Stand of Aspens
Napping, Old Statehouse
LA Skyline
Dwarf Pines
Devil's Postpile
Surfer, Dog Beach
Big Eddy Winter
Spent Barrels
The theme of this continuing body of
work appropriates the term
or “theory of form”, from the Bauhaus
school of art and design, particularly the
work of Johannes Itten, whose famous
Basic Course at the Bauhaus encouraged
the highly individual and creative uses of
light and dark, material and texture,
rhythm, and expressive and subjective
form. In this series, Beck applies these
principles in small-format black & white
photographs, using both film and digital
cameras, and including candid street
scenes, portraits, and landscapes both
rural and urban. Each freezes an instant
of everyday drama, allowing the viewer
to construct the broader narrative.

Photographs from this series pictured on
this page are available for sale by
contacting the JCM Gallery.

All images are approximately 8"x10";
framed 16"x20"
Framed $95.00
Unframed and unmatted, $50.00
Plus appropriate tax & shipping.