A Photographic Journey through
the Old Crow & Old Taylor

Foreword by Richard Taylor
Publication Date:  July, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-937968-02-1
Paperback, 120 pages
“Rhett Beck’s photographic essay is inspired by the ruins of two distilleries located
along Glenn’s Creek in the village of Millville just south of the Woodford/Franklin
County line bordering the Kentucky River.  Beck describes his work as the “art of
decay,” and the photos in this collection, augmented by captions that add dimension
and insight to the images, attest to the power of ruins over the creative imagination.  
They are also, perhaps unintentionally, an elegy to the America’s industrial
aspirations during the Gilded Age.  Beck’s work is a study in the geometry of rusted
cogs and wheels, of planes and surfaces, a manmade world of artifacts in which
nature – never absent, whether in creeping tendrils or light itself – takes a back seat.   
The images teem with ghosts of the generations that occupied the place.”

                                                               — Richard Taylor

This collection features over 50 photographs from two historic Millville, Kentucky
distilleries taken during the years that they were abandoned.  Since both have been
reborn in recent years (with the Old Crow site now the home of Glenn's Creek
Distillery, and the facilities and extensive grounds of Old Taylor now reborn as
Castle & Key Distillery), these make for compelling “b
efore photographs.  Beck's
accompanying texts detail both
his approach to these sites as a photographer, and his
personal experience of these environments as a source of self-discover and

A foreword by author and historian Richard Taylor provides background on the
distilleries and context for Beck's treatment.

Rhett L. Beck is represented by the Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery - click here to
view examples of his work, including images from
Burying Monkeys, and to find out
more about him.