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Ghost Writer
Poetry by
Melody Davis

Ghost Writer is a necessary read, both recognizable
and terrifying.”
—Bertha Rogers, Poet & Translator

“Do you believe in ghosts?” Davis asks at one point.  
You will, as you read these poems and encounter a
haunted world, where our ghosts continue to live through
us, writing us into existence, and out of it.
Sword of Glass
Poetry by
Peter Schireson

“I love Peter Schireson’s book of poems, Sword of
—Alan Shapiro

Sword of Glass is ... a magnificent furor.”
—Patrick Donnelly

“Peter Schireson is a poet of surprise.... He might just be
a magician.”
—Peter Coyote
Do Not Return
Poetry by
Julia Knobloch

“In Julia Knobloch’s knock-out debut volume, Do Not
, her unalloyed confidence skips over any literary
initiation and immerses the reader in wholly absorbing
poems which travel the world....”
                           —Jessica Greenbaum

“Knobloch’s poems are elegant, spare, authoritative.
Every poem in
Do Not Return is a pleasurable and
thought-provoking journey. This is a wonderful and
deeply moving book.”
                        —Yehoshua November
Other Possible Lives
Poetry by
Chrissy Kolaya

“All the possible lives and all possible endings
shapeshift on the page, and what binds both these lives
and this book is a tenderness almost too true
to bear. This is gorgeous and glowing work.”

        — Kerri Webster
Creatures Among Us
Prose Poems by
Rebecca Lilly

A dizzying journey through otherworldly realms
with a shape-shifting narrator at the helm.

                     —Anne James
The Stillness of Certain Valleys
Poetry by
David Salner

Whatever world the poem creates, Salner invites
his readers in with his exact language and
surprising metaphor.... Salner's work bears reading
over and over as we discover how many layers
these seemingly simple worlds have

     — Anne Colwell
The Next Infinity
Poetry by
Nancy Botkin

When I step into the abyss, I want these poems to
hold my hand.

                   —April Ossmann
Family Reunion
Poetry & Prose by
Grace C. Ocasio

“This is a brilliant book; I urge to you read it.
           —Geoffrey Gatza

“Its griefs and joys are intensified by the way this
family’s progress mirrors African-American

           —Cammy Thomas

“These poems are powerful whispers, incantations,
and benedictions.

           —Jaki Shelton Green
This Great Green Valley
A poetry chapbook by
Lynnell Edwards

Combining narrative and lyrical poetry, this book
depicts the spirit of place that is central Kentucky.

“By weaving folklore with archive, and pastoral
landscape with personal lyric, Edwards reckons
with the seeming contradictions of history. These
brave poems face the confounding tangle of
desire, visionary imagination, and, yes, violence
that characterized Kentucky's frontier era, ending
with a moving meditation on one poet's
relationship to a single river.

                                              —Kiki Petrosino
Dead Shark on the N Train
Poems by
Susana H. Case

“Susana H. Case is a poet at the peak of her craft.
                               —Jennifer Franklin

“In this sassy, gorgeous book, Susana H. Case
takes us on one helluva ride.”
                               —David Tucker

“The poet is writing her most energetic, and
clearly sketched, poems in this, her strongest
volume to date.”
                               —Indran Amirthanayagam
Unspoken Epiphanies
An artbook by
Mark Brown
with introductory essay by Hearne Pardee

Full color reproductions of recent paintings by
North Carolina artist Mark Brown.

“A contemporary answer to such pillars of 20th
century painting as Mark Rothko and Frank
                                  —Shana Dumont Garr
Convenient Amnesia
Poetry by
Donald Vincent

“His poems are about these times and all times,
they are unafraid to go where they must go if they
are to do what poetry always wants to do.

                          —Dara Wier

“Donald Vincent is humorous, sarcastic, critical,
and somber all at once.... The poems ripple with
observations and formal range.”
                          —Tara Betts

“Donald Vincent writes for being one whole person
right here, right now
avid Blair