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Painting Light & Shadow

May 9 - July 15, 2016

Artist's Reception
Friday, May 13, 2016

This site is dedicated to the memory of Jane Chancellor Moore.
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Broadstone author Joanna Kurowska was
recently interviewed by Sunil Sharma in
Writers In Conversation, the literary journal
at Flinders University (Australia). In this
in-depth interview, she discusses immigra-
tion, bi-lingualism, Joseph Conrad, writing,
and more.  To read the interview,
click here.

Broadstone Books is pleased to announce
our nominations for the 2016 Pushcart Prize:  
Joanna Kurowska for "The Fear Parable"
The Butterfly's Choice; Philip Brady
for an excerpt from the "Nighttown" chapter
To Banquet with the Ethiopians; and
Joseph Reich for "Before you go," from
Taking the Fifth and Running with It.  

Broadstone Books is featured in a "Meet the
Press" interview with Nin Andrews on the
"Best American Poetry" website!  The
interview includes extensive coverage of our
To Banquet with the Ethiopians by
Philip Brady (see below).  
Click here to read
the interview.  Thanks, Nin!
To Banquet with the Ethiopians
A Memoir of Life before the Alphabet
Poetry by
Philip Brady  

"I don’t know anyone with Philip Brady’s profound
sense of his work’s embeddedness in history, its origins
in the body, its realization of community. Long live the
Ethiopians!       —H.L.Hix, author of
Chromatic and
First Fire, Then Birds

Poised between myth and time, this unique verse
memoir blends Homer’s discovery the alphabet with a
man’s recovery from near death and a boy’s struggle to
see the adult world through the prism of an ancient epic.
Taking the Fifth
and Running with It
A Psychological Guide for the
Hard of Hearing and Blind
Poetry by
Joseph D. Reich  

Reich's "experimental, empirical approach to evaluating
his culture's impressions is one of raw, unwavering
critical observations everyone needs to hear.”
      Kat Lahr, Thought Collection Publishing

Poet and social worker Joseph Reich diagnoses the
waking, walking psychosis of modern America in verse
as frenetic and fragmented as his subject matter.  This is
poetry deftly and dramatically suited to its time.
Everyday Epiphanies
Jonathan Greene

"There is a deep kindness and much wisdom in these tales
rife with uncanny coincidences and connections, as if we
are all part of Jonathan's world, and he is a part of ours."
Fred Waitzen, author of
Searching for Bobby Fisher

Part memoir, part tales of the authors, artists, eccentrics
and just plain folk who have crossed Jonathan Greene's
path, these "memories and stories of a lifetime" will delight
and inform all who know Greene primarily from his poetry.
Nothing Important
Happened Today
Poems by
Claudia Serea

"Readers are stepping into wry, lovely, and sometimes
even tragic territory when they embark upon Claudia
Serea’s new poetry collection."      Sharon Mesmer

From the streets of Bucharest during the bloody fall
of the Ceausescu regime through a bicycle ride in
Rutherford, New Jersey, the author shares her life on
the border of two lands, two languages, two cultures.
Aleph, broken
poems from my diaspora
Judith Kerman

"Questions about what is holy and what is human and
how cultural touchstones can help us make connections
across the boundaries that separate us from our deepest
selves are the subject that Kerman returns to again and
again, often with wonder, sometimes with regret, but
always with the confidence of a master poet."
                                               Eleanor Lerman

A secular Jew's exploration of her cultural and religious
heritage illumines our common human search for
identity and rootedness.
ruina montium
A poetry chapbook by
Jeremy Paden

"Both tender and clear-eyed, these poems are strong
enough to lift each one of us from the darkness."
                                                     Ada Limón

The plight of "Los 33," the Chilean miners rescued after
sixty-nine days underground in the 2010 disaster, is
rendered here in exquisite verse that both pays tribute to
the individual miners and offers a meditation on our
relationship with our fragile world.
Two Men
Rowing Madly
Toward Infinity
Poetry by
William Reichard

"In a book filled with doubles, doppelgangers, ghosts and
echoes, everything that was is always happening now (or
about to happen): 'the atoms of all that’s / been / all that /
is, / all that  / will be / merge in the darkness.'  
Two Men
is the testimony of a man who, from the very
start, admits, 'I know things change' and still goes on to
describe the people and places he’s loved in such
moving detail that we love them too."
                                                           Joyce Stuphen